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Study Results

Posted below are a few headlines of main results from the Mindful Leadership Study. Further summaries of findings will be written and posted here in July and August 2010.

Please click the links at the bottom for excerpts from the dissertation.

The complete dissertation will not be available through ProQuest/UMI Dissertation Publishing until 2012 so that chapters from the dissertation can be edited and submitted for publication. The empirical findings will be prepared for submission as journal articles. Any articles accepted for publication will be posted here as PDFs as they are available, and as individual journal copyright agreements permit. The theory chapters may be submitted for publication as a small book, and if accepted that information will also be posted here.

Main Results

Here are headlines of some summary findings from the Mindful Leadership Study. All results reported below are based on statistical analyses of self-report assessments completed by study participants.

If you are a researcher and have questions or would like to refer to these results prior to publications from the study being made available, please contact Metta McGarvey.

1. Mindfulness was strongly negatively correlated with Neuroticism as assessed by the Five Factor Model of personality.

2. Mindfulness was moderately positively correlated with emotional intelligence as assessed by the Emotional Quotient Inventory model of emotional intelligence.

3. Mindfulness was modestly positively correlated with Openness to New Experience as assessed by the Five Factor Model of personality.

4. Emotional intelligence was fairly strongly negatively correlated with Neuroticism.

5. Higher scores on Mindfulness were significantly associated with an Integral meditation practice in comparison with Buddhist meditation practices, other meditation practices, and no meditation practice.



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